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Toronto Research Chemicals Inc. (TRC) is a world leader in the manufacture of complex organic chemicals for biomedical research. We supply products world-wide to a client base including major biotechnology based corporations , pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies, manufacturers of specialty chemicals as well as to researchers at hospitals, universities and research institutions. TRC was founded in 1982 as a Canadian-owned corporation. TRC currently occupies 55,000 sq.ft. of state of the art laboratory space and operates pilot plants with the capability of doing complex custom chemistry on scales of up to 200kg. In addition to maintaining a strong emphasis on custom synthesis,TRC currently manufactures as catalogue items, more than 18,500 organic chemicals for use in biomedical research. TRC has chemical expertise in the areas of carbohydrate chemistry, aromatic chemistry, nitrogen, phosphorous and sulfur chemistry as well as radioisotope and stable isotope labeling.






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